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What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is the handling, characterization, production and use of materials on a nanometric scale (typically between 1 and 100 nm) to create materials, equipment and systems with new properties and functions. A nanometre (nm) is a measurement unit equal to 10-9 m, which typically corresponds to a molecular scale.

Virtually every scientific field is affected by nanotechnologies, which are at the crossroads of a number of disciplines including physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, medicine, and even agriculture. While nanotechnologies are already part of today’s world, we expect that in the very near future, they will have increasing impact on the sectors of health, materials, environment, energy, telecommunication, microelectronics and aeronautics.

For more information on the nanometric scale and the different applications of nanotechnology, here are a few videos:

How small is nano?

Scale of the universe

À la découverte du nanomonde (in French only)

The Nano Revolution

  1. Welcome to Nano City
  2. More than human
  3. Will nano save the planet?

Carbon nanotube

  1. What is a carbon nanotube?
  2. How are carbon nanotubes made?
  3. How can we see carbon nanotubes
  4. Applications and properties of carbon nanotubes
  5. Carbon nanoforms

Quantum tunnel effect and tunneling microscope

Nanomatériaux : des précautions s’imposent (in French only)

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