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The Hub for Nanotech development in Quebec

NanoQuébec is an organization funded by MESI (Ministère de l'Économie, des Sciences et de l'Innovation). Its mission is to strengthen nanotechnology innovation with the aim of maximizing economic impacts in Quebec.

NanoQuébec is managed since December 2014 by PRIMA QUÉBEC (Advanced Materials Research and Innovation Hub) due to the merger with the Polymers Innovation Consortium.

PRIMA QUÉBEC keeps up NanoQuébec's actions according to the following objectives :


  • Support and Manage the Quebec R&D Infrastructure (IRDQ)
  • Promote Quebec’s know-how and competencies to industry and the international community
  • Contribute to the training of qualified personnel through projects funding


  • Strengthen partnership between research and industry in order to meet new technological challenges
  • Develop research collaborations and facilitate "open innovation" approach (NovaCentris Platform)
  • Establish Quebec as an international pole in select nanotechnology niches


  • Promote responsible development of nanotechnologies and raise youth awareness
  • Position Quebec internationally to consolidate its leadership
  • Increase the level of economic spinoffs by mobilizing and growing the community

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