NanoQuébec 2012 Conference
“Nanotechnologies: sources of innovation and competitiveness”

March 20-21, 2012 - Montreal

After several years of R&D efforts, nanotechnology now plays a crucial role in the design of innovative and high-performance products.

this event was a unique opportunity to understand economic, technical and scientific trends related to nanotechnologies field:
More than 210 posters presented, sectorial trends, Quebec's high-lights, unveiling of sector roadmaps, QNI launch, networking with nanotechnologies community actors.


Thanks to all the 410 attendees for making this event a success!


Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology


Dr Richard W. Siegel

- Robert W. Hunt Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
- Director, Rensselaer Nanotechnology Center & NSF Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute


Nanotechnology development in Canada

John R. McDougall
- President, National Research Council Canada

Technical and economic market trends

*** Bionanotechnology
Lajos Balogh
AA Nanomedecine and Nanotechnology (AANM)

*** Micro-nanoelectronic
Robert E. Geer
CNSE — AlbanyNanotech

*** Forestry
Anne-Christine Ritschkoff
VTT Technical Research Center

*** Nanomaterials
Ross Kozarsky
Lux Research

Official QNI launch and presentation of sector roadmaps

With more than $300 M in equipment and more than 300 people, the QNI (Quebec Nanotechnology Infrastructure) is an OPEN infrastructure that combines significant human and technical expertise into a unified, dedicated, Quebec-wide nanotechnology research platform.

Poster sessions: scientific advances in Quebec

Learn about the latest nanotechnology-related scientific advances. Journey into the nanoscale world and explore the scientific work being done by the community.