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Advanced materials

The field of advanced materials is quite extensive. It includes mainly innovative products that provide a marked advantage in terms of performance, over traditional materials.

PRIMA QUÉBEC encourages the implementation of collaborative innovation projects targeting the development of advanced materials applied to such key Québec sectors as transportation and infrastructures, energy, the environment, textiles, ICTs and health.

Technologies targeted by PRIMA QUÉBEC cover the full product chain, from raw materials to applications, including production and implementation processes.  

Targeted technologies include, notably:

Innovative materials:
Polymers, rubbers, biomaterials, metal, innovative fillers (micro/nanoparticles),  cellulosic filaments, natural and recycled fibres, nanomaterials, etc.
Technical challenges: Characterization, Synthesis, fonctionnalization, scale-up

Formulation of new materials and high performance end-products
Composites (TD or TP), elastomers, alloys, ceramics, smart textiles, flexible materials, membranes, thin films, coatings, bio-compatible materials, encapsulation, etc.
Technical challenges: Integration, dispersion, surface modification and treatment, price-performance ratio

Development of scale-up processes and new characterization instrumentation
Additive manufacturing (3D printing), surface modification and surface treatment, micro/nanofabrication, new equipment for materials characterization, modelling and simulation, etc.
Technical challenges: Scale-up, EHS, characterization, computing